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April 30, 2005


Watching Them, Watching Us

"before reporting their readings to a network of check-points (in the same way E-Z pass collects highway tolls)."

Does.t this idea suffer from exactly the same problems as from a fixed detector infrastructure ?

Surely it is even easier to spoof or jam an "E-Z Pass" toll booth network than a private network connecting the fixed detectors ?

It does not take that much effort to compromise such roadside tollboth style systems:

"Johns Hopkins University and RSA Labs demonstrate RFID token cracking and cloning with cheap FPGA hardware."

Wouldn't a mobile phone based detector reporting infrastructure be more secure against jamming and spoofing ?

Glen A. Williamson

Proposed: a method for WMD Hunting by Piggybacking autonomous Sensor Packages on existing Commercial Fleet Vehicles (trailer trucks, taxicabs, etc.) which are already equipped with in-situ Sat-Com, GPS, Cell phone, Computers, etc. The ubiquitous and random nature travel of such vehicles,
with their non recurring operating costs would be a powerful adjunct to the nation's Distributed Sensor Network (DSN).

One can almost consider this a "Free Ride."

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